Rev. Mialena Zachary

Professional Writer, Certified Reiki Master Teacher,
Intuitive Counselor, Holistic Performance Coach

After decades of severe chronic Depression and a suicide attempt, Mia credits an unexpected vision and a divine message for saving her life. Her soul purpose now is to guide others toward healing and happiness.

As an ordained minister of metaphysical theology, Rev. Mialena believes that there are many paths, and most of them lead to The One which we experience as Love.

Among her many accomplishments, she is  the founder of Elemental Abundance™; and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Conscious-Centered Living.

A life-long spiritual seeker and psychic healer, Mia is an ordained minister of metaphysical theology and the creator of Kaicho Reiki™. She is also a Certified Master Teacher of several distinct healing arts, including Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, and Crystal Reiki, as well as a Certified Practitioner of Intuitive Reiki, Quantum Touch™ and Essential Energy™. Click to schedule.

The ceremony is, literally and figuratively, the heart of your event. As an award-winning romance novelist, Mia is being able to craft your thoughts into a wedding ceremony that expresses both your personalities and vision: Traditional doesn’t have to mean uptight; sacred may include moments of laughter; and casual can still be tender. Click to schedule.

Mother Nature wanted to be a part of this interview, so when my video freezes and I disappear… That’s the thunderstorm talking LOL (~27:17-28:40 and again at ~32:30-33:10)

Watch the rest, though, to hear about
Winning my battle with Depression (~2:44)
How fast change can happen (~9:10)
What finally worked for me (~9:44)
Flawed versus Spiraling (~10:58)
What NOT to ask Depressed people (~13:32)
What I hope my book is (~18:37)
Who inspired “The Messenger and how (~19:40)
Worst stage play ever (~22:52)
Silenced by sex (~25:29)
God is a title so I use this name (~31:32)
The Thread analogy (~33:28)
My book giveaway idea (~40:11)
Why OPW Global (~40:57)


The coolest thing about this interview was that we kept talking for another 90 minutes  after we stopped recording.

The vision that inspired this book (~1:57)
Mary Magdalene and Luke 8:1-3 (~4:40)
What might have been cast out (~6:18)
The daimons of womxn today (~9:41)
The daimon of “busy” (~12:46)
What my busyness was hiding (~14:14)
The daimon of “selfless” (~21:10)
Choosing not to have it all (~23:52)
The daimon of “pretty” (~27:58)
The demon behind my daimons(~31:00)
How the dance is done (~35:09)
Are there real demons? (~40:48)
The book cover reveal (~41:41)
The Messenger book giveaway (~42:53)
Some final thoughts (~49:03)