Interviews with the Author

Mother Nature wanted to be a part of this interview, so when my video freezes and I disappear… That’s the thunderstorm talking LOL (~27:17-28:40 and again at ~32:30-33:10)

Watch the rest, though, to hear about
Winning my battle with Depression (~2:44)
How fast change can happen (~9:10)
What finally worked for me (~9:44)
Flawed versus Spiraling (~10:58)
What NOT to ask Depressed people (~13:32)
What I hope my book is (~18:37)
Who inspired “The Messenger and how (~19:40)
Worst stage play ever (~22:52)
Silenced by sex (~25:29)
God is a title so I use this name (~31:32)
The Thread analogy (~33:28)
My book giveaway idea (~40:11)
Why OPW Global (~40:57)


The coolest thing about this interview was that we kept talking for another 90 minutes  after we stopped recording.

The vision that inspired this book (~1:57)
Mary Magdalene and Luke 8:1-3 (~4:40)
What might have been cast out (~6:18)
The daimons of womxn today (~9:41)
The daimon of “busy” (~12:46)
What my busyness was hiding (~14:14)
The daimon of “selfless” (~21:10)
Choosing not to have it all (~23:52)
The daimon of “pretty” (~27:58)
The demon behind my daimons(~31:00)
How the dance is done (~35:09)
Are there real demons? (~40:48)
The book cover reveal (~41:41)
The Messenger book giveaway (~42:53)
Some final thoughts (~49:03)