“In this radically inclusive account … Zachary’s vision of the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Yeshua is both deeply researched and deeply personal …

Treated with reverent respect … this new version of the most familiar (and fought over) of tales will prove a ‘perspective-shifting experience.’

Emphasizing light, rebirth, and knowing the self as a route to healing … readers will find much to ponder in this vivid retelling of key moments of the Gospels, woven through with elements of other spiritual traditions.”


~Publishers Weekly, Booklife 9/27/2021


The Messenger is a compelling story of universal truth that finds its fulfillment in love.

While imagination is a striking feature of the book, what stands out most is its research. The book explains in-depth its choices in Hebrew translation and word choice. There are pages of end notes, organized by chapter, with references to biblical sources and other sacred texts. Footnotes give definitions, Greek word origins, and background information. The book has a format similar to the Bible and other sacred texts: its lines are numbered, and the words attributed to God are in blue. In addition, there are other reader-friendly elements, including a list of people in the front of the book with their name in the text (Hebrew origin), their familiar English name, and a biographical phrase. 

The Messenger reimagines familiar passages in ways that are stretching and challenging, with the ultimate goal of inviting new insights … The aim is to unsettle typical notions of religiosity, opening the way for a new, inclusive way of looking … The book finds its roots in Zachary’s personal connection to Mary Magdalene, as a woman who was “lost and unfulfilled.” This provides a relatable resonance point for others to enter the story. Indeed, it’s designed as a story to be shared; it includes book club questions and other invitations … that can be done alone or with others.

The Messenger is an eye-opening spiritual book that invites a search for personal truth.

~ FOREWORD Clarion Reviews, 10/15/2021


“An entertaining chronicle…The Messenger…will inspire a reader’s personal spiritual journey…”

“The novella’s plot loosely follows…an itinerant preacher Yeshua on his mission of espousing love and redemption, aided by Maryam (Magdala), his equal in all things…”

“Those seeking spiritual redemption should enjoy this book, which delivers engaging stories and dispenses helpful wisdom.”

~ BlueInk Review, 10/4/2021


First Reader Responses


Jessica Sharp, TRT, RMT

This project was divinely inspired. It’s such a labor of love. The way the story format is themed and laid out in an integrated way, I love how it explains in a way that is spiritual yet palatable and easy to digest that allows for inherent worthiness and dignity, and that even non-Christians are children of humanity.


Carol J. Poulson, M.Psych.

“My first reaction was, ‘Oh, that’s a little bit different than what I’ve perceived before’. But I read it again, questioning my old way of understanding. A few things I knew; others I haven’t wrapped my head around yet, but so many aspects of this ancient story make so much more sense now. Just recognizing the humanness in everybody; that is the message.”


Kimberly Wohlford, M.A.Comm

I appreciate the shifting of the traditional point of view in a way that the reader not only reads it and hears it, but absorbs it and feels it. There is a gentle and loving energy that emanates from this work. Not only were my eyes opened to a deeper truth; my heart was opened to an expanded experience of love.